How to tell if your event was good according to Tara Hunt

May 27, 2009

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Me with The Whuffie Factor (photo by Claudia Bergonzi)

Me with The Whuffie Factor (photo by Claudia Bergonzi)

I recently finished reading The Whuffie Factor, Tara Hunt‘s first book (recommended) and on chapter 8 I found an interesting way for rating the success of an event, that I agree with.

Hunt describes the TransitCamp she organized in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008 and when talking about the result of this un-conference she says (pages 224-225):

I had several people approach me throughout the event and afterward to tell me that they were not only blown away by TransitCamp, but that they couldn’t wait for the next one and they would bring several people with them. To me, that’s the hallmark of a great event. Would you tell others? If no, it was disappointing. If maybe, it was okay. If yes, it was awesome. If, as one guy told me, you would drag many people even if they were kicking and screaming, it was kickass.

Can you say the same after your conference, was it remarkable for the attendees? Will they tell others about how good it was? If not, think about what went on that didn’t make it a memorable event worth sharing with friends and colleagues.

When an event is really successful it transforms the participants into the main marketers of what happened and of the most influential promoters next conferences you will be organizing. Word of mouth cannot be tricked or planned, it is just the direct consequence of  something very good (or bad)!

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