[Disclaimer] I am now PICNIC Amsterdam 2009’s Marketing Manager

July 16, 2009

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I know this post might seem just blunt self promotion but since I started Conference Basics, transparency has been an important issue for me.

Since July 2009 I have become PICNIC Amsterdam 2009‘s Marketing Manager. I’ve since long admired this event and I am very excited about this new role.

As Marketing Manager I’ll am responsible of:

  • Supervise, and increase online ticket sales through various tactics
  • Develop media-alliance and network partnerships with key international players
  • Set-up online “social marketing” campaigns to stimulate the conversation between PICNIC and it’s community
  • Set-up promotions and barters with other websites/relevant target groups, driving traffic to the site to increase ticket sales
  • On-site management of Marketing partners and network alliance partners
  • On site management of all Video recording, Webcasting, and Live posting of conference contents
  • Support the Program Director  in speaker acquisitions

From PICNIC’s promotional brochure:

“PICNIC is a unique experience, featuring an inspiring conference and a creative festival bringing together top creatives and innovation professionals in business, technology, new media, entertainment, science and the arts.
PICNIC educates and connects people, industries, sectors and disciplines, and stimulates creativity, innovation, inspiration and business.

PICNIC is designed to evoke an emotional reaction through visual and auditory stimuli and quirky surprises.”

PICNIC Amsterdam 2009 will take place from  23rd to 25th September 2009 at the historical Westergasfabriek (a VERY cool venue).

If you’re interested in PICNIC, register to the network and connect with my profile there (www.picnicnetwork.org/gianfranco.chicco)

As with all events I work with or participate to, the aim of Conference Basics is to promote interesting content, highlight pros and cons and distillate lessons learned to be applied on my or your future projects.

As a special treat for my readers, I’m offering a special 15% discount to the first 10 people that will but a ticket for the 3-day conference (discount valid only for full conference tickets and not single day conference tickets). To get the discount use the prom-ocode ConfBasics01 during the checkout of the e-commerce system (you can buy tickets here).

If you buy tickets now you’ll be helping me achieve my goals ahead of time  :-)

Attendees to PICNIC Salon NY - Photo by Ahrom R. Foster (ahronfoster.com)

Attendees to PICNIC Salon NY - Photo by Ahrom R. Foster (ahronfoster.com)

  • http://www.eventmanagerblog.com tojulius

    Fantastic Gianfranco – Congratulations.

    Willing to see the innovations you'll bring along.

    Best of luck!

  • http://www.gchicco.com Gianfranco Chicco

    thanks guys! PICNIC Amsterdam 2009 is at full speed now… see ya all in September 23-25, 2009!!… ooops…sorry… my marketing side is constantly thinking of selling tickets :-p

  • avg7666

    Good Luck man, we believe in you! 😉

  • avg7666

    Good Luck man, we believe in you! 😉

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