[video] Bruce Sterling on Future Conferences, Italy and Picnic

July 21, 2009

in Future of Conferences, Interview

I met Bruce Sterling, famous science fiction author and media guru, last month in Turin (Italy) during a very interesting event; I Realize.

After his participation to a panel discussion on cities, movement and interaction, we talked about the future of conferences, Italy’s ability in pulling out big events and other interesting conferences like ARS Electronica in Linz and PICNIC in Amsterdam (which I now work for as marketing manager, but at the time of this interview was only just a possibility).

Bruce talks about how the near future of conferences lies more on events like Twitter meetups or Flash mob gatherings -with a strong interaction through social networks- that in the classical (boring, might I say?) meeting of audience vs. speakers. He also exemplifies Italian’s capability of organizing big events by pinpointing the Great Jubilee (better known as the Pope’s Jubilee) that took place in 2000.

Let me know what you opinion is on the future of conferences, and why not send me a short video on it!

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