[quickie] My Poken family grows

September 5, 2009

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I‘ve been too busy lately organizing PICNIC in Amsterdam but that does not mean that I have abandoned Conference Basics. Several new posts are on their way with tips and tools to improve your conference. Meanwhile, this is a photo of my extended Poken family, that has grown thanks to Ayman van Bregt and Jilles Groenendijk (aka “The Poken King“).

my poken family grows

My Pokens

Ayman and Jilles were present at the PICNIC ’09 Buzz event and brought me as a present the two special-edition Pokens you see on the left. I wrote about Poken and its use in conferences here. Present at the event was also Renato Valdéz Olmos, founder of My Name is E, another innovative service that can also improve the experience of contact exchange during events. I interviewed Renato and wrote about it here. Poken and My Name is E are direct competitors, though the service they offer is not exactly the same and both have pros and cons. I use both :-)

PICNIC '09 Buzz Event

Fair Play: Renato and Paul (My Name is E), Ayman and Jilles (Poken)

For more info about Poken go here. For more info on My Name is E go here.

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