Eco-Minded Promotional Gadgets

February 13, 2010

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Recycled conference bag

Recycled conference bag

Recently one of the spotters of Springwise published the eco-minded products of Fairware, which sells “promotional products for your conscience” that could be used as sustainable gadgets and giveaways for your event.

As a rule of thumb, better not to give away a crappy gadget that will have a negative effect on the environment (and taints your brand with a negative aura). If you need to use a lanyard, give away a conference bag or a t-shirt, at least minimize their impact by using sustainable products made of reused or recycled materials.

Take promotional goods—a category often dominated by cheap, throw-away and plastic products. Eco-minded options have traditionally been few and far between, but now Canadian Fairware focuses on providing a wide range of sustainable alternatives.

All products offered by Fairware reflect a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Custom imprinted and branded products, trade show give-aways and retail shopping totes are all among them, chosen from suppliers that abide by a code of conduct modeled after that used by the Fair Labor Association. Specifically, Fairware actively seeks out businesses that embrace ethical sourcing and environmental commitment, among other goals. Eco-minded clothes, books, electronics, stationery and umbrellas are among the goods offered in its online store, featuring a variety of organic, sustainable and recycled components. Source: Springwise

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