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March 1, 2010

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marcel kampman

Marcel Kampman (photo by Ronniw Besseling)

A Picnic is more fun if you bring something of yourself! – says Marcel Kampman (on twitter), Picnic Festival‘s new creative director (disclaimer: I work for Picnic as Marketing Manager).

Since I’ve been appointed as creative director for Picnic, a lot of people have shared their ideas and plans with me. And that’s great! This page makes it a bit easier to handle all the flux of information.

The page invites people from the Picnic community and just anyone else in the World to share their thoughts, wishes, suggestions to make Picnic the best possible, rocking, amazing, insightful, inspiring, practical event ever! It all starts with a wishful scenario for the near future:

Once upon a Picnic

Imagine it’s Saturday, 25 September. You have spent the past three days at PICNIC. What happened before those three days? You don’t really remember. Both sides of your brain have simply been reformatted. You’ve seen things you’ve never seen before and done things you never did before or even considered possible. You’ve met new people and made new plans. Plans you would have previously never considered yourself to be part of. You feel energized, revitalized and recharged for the coming year. It was the best event ever, like no other. It was PICNIC Festival 2010. (read more & share your ideas)

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