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March 24, 2010

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The Female DecadeThe DLD team has just launched a new initiative: DLDwomen – The Female Decade. It’s an extension of the annual DLD Conference and “will gather an extraordinary group of over 50 international high profile speakers and 500 opinion-forming participants, both women and men, from the fields of digital, business, design, media, society, health, politics and science.

Focusing on women has been a recurrent theme in the last 10 years, with management guru Tom Peters being one of the strongest -male- advocates on the world-changing role women play in business, society and economics (see more at the end of this post). Unfortunately the topic has been frequently abused (e.g. only male panels discussing about the “new roles” of women, whatever that means) but the good thing is that DLD has the right experience to change this trend.

DLDwomen sheds light on the “Female Decade” and the so-called “womenomics” and is about new opportunities, new markets, the new lifestyle and future developments of women’s role that are being influenced by today’s digital age and social transformation.

DLDwomen will take place on June, 10-11, 2010 in Munich. It’s an invitation-only event organized by Hubert Burda Media and tickets will be available at a price of € 750,00 by April 2010.

Follows a set of slides by the aforementioned Tom Peters on Women Power (this is not connected to DLDWomen but offers some interesting insights):

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