Low-Impact Lanyards Make Your Conference Greener

March 4, 2010

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regular lanyards

Regular Lanyards

C onferences use plenty of non-green stuff (items that might have a high impact on the environment, create too much waste or just are not recyclable or reusable). Lanyards, the cord that holds your event badge, are one of these items. Often made of synthetic or plastic materials and have a brand logo printed on them, they are a good element for branding of the conference or by one of the sponsors. Most everyday events though don’t need a special or sponsored lanyard, but just a basic instrument for properly displaying the badge.

Last Tuesday I attended the Kom  je ook? 4 conference in Amsterdam which used a lanyard with low ecological impact. It consisted of just regular thread with a knot linking both extremes. The thread was tied to a small gadget on one end that acted as a stop (this gadget had a specific function during the event but being it made of cheap plastic was a bit of a contradiction) and passed through a whole punched in the paper badge (see photo).

Lanyard made of simple thread at the Kom je ook? 4 conference

This idea is especially useful for short events (that last one day or less as this one) and for those that don’t require a branded lanyard, or just want to be more sustainable.

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