TED Get’s Ready For the iPad by Upgrading It’s Website to HTML5

March 28, 2010

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Chris Anderson, curator of TED Conferences, has just announced on twitter that the TED website has been upgraded to a non-flash version (based on HTML5) that allows you to watch the famous TED Talks on your Apple iPhone (and also in the upcoming iPad). A smart move as the iPad will be hitting the streets in less than one week and it does not support Adobe’s flash web-technology.

TED moves to Non-flash website

Chris Anderson announcing on twitter the Non-flash version of the TED website

Edit: as noted by Nuthinking in the comments (thanks!), TED has not abbandoned the flash-version of the website but created a non-flash version that runs parallel to the other and is the one you are automatically redirected to when accessing with an iPhone (or iPad in the near future).

This is particularly relevant because as iPhones and iPad become ubiquitous, so does the consumption of online content in them and TED has great content to share. Note that I specifically refer to Apple’s products, though they are not the only ones that will benefit from this move. During South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) I noticed that from the population carrying a smartphone, 9 out of 10 had iPhones (sorry, no official statistics) and the iPad pre-sale has presumably sold 500,000 units so far, even before being available at shops!

Edit: it has been just announced on the TED Blog that “TED.com now available in HTML5, serving many mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad“.

TED Talks on my iPhone

TED Talks as seen on my iPhone

TED Talks on my iPhone

A TED Talk as seen on my iPhone

  • nuthinking

    The last thing I enjoy doing is defending big corporates (Adobe in this case), but I can't help noticing how Chris's twit has been factiously bad interpreted. While he is saying an extra version has been created which supports iPhoneOS, from your article it sounds more as Flash has been replaced. Of course if you would check the site with a Flash enabled device you would notice how it is still used in different places, not only for video playing.
    At least showing the original twit you let people understand this better.

  • http://www.gchicco.com Gianfranco Chicco

    Thanks, I just added an edit to clarify the fact that the html5-version is a complement to the flash-version of the website.

  • nuthinking

    I take back the “factious” part of my comment, Chris' twit wasn't so clear after all (not easy to express in 140 chars 😉 ). Thanks for listening!

  • Emil

    As I understand it, you will get the html5 version if you access the site from an iphone/ipad.
    I would like to get when I am accessing it from the desktop aswell.
    Is this possible?

    best regards

  • http://www.gchicco.com Gianfranco Chicco

    technically it should be possible through a specific url that “calls” the html5. Unfortunately I don't know what that might be.

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