[news] Amiando Offers New Eveny Analytics Features

April 18, 2010

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Amiando LogoThe event registration and ticketing platform Amiando has announced new Analytics features so that event organizers can create their own reports, charts, etc displaying the event’s statistics.

The new features include (extract):

Detailed online statistics

With amiando’s analytic features you get detailed online statistics of your event. Get a list of all registrations or tickets, along with a list of all orders for your event in the section Tickets and orders.  The list of tickets sold shows exactly how many registrations or tickets have been sold, to which categories the tickets and registrations belong, as well as data you requested on your order/registration form.  The list of orders includes data such as invoice numbers, ticket prices, ticket fees, shipping costs, and anything else you requested to be included in your registration/order form.

Share reports

You can even share reports with others.

Custom reports

Allows you to create your own reports. You can prepare an individual report regarding tickets, orders, or the sale of any additional products. […] You can either create a report for a current event or you can create a report for one or more other events. (Includes: Ticket, Payment and Product reports).

Event charts

Allows you to create various graphical analysis based on your event data. You have to choose which data you would like displayed on the chart: Number of visits, Ticket sales, Ticket revenues, Product sales, Product revenues. Then choose how you would like the data organized. By Date, Source, Location or Payment type (optional), and select a date range for your chart.

Analytics Amiando

View of some of Amiando's new reports

For more details read the full description on Amiando’s blog

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