Post Your Events and Discover New Ones using Plancast

April 1, 2010

in Tips

There are plenty of online tools for sharing your events: from the classic Upcoming to Facebook and Linkedin events. Plancast is rather an evolution of Upcoming on steroids, offering the extra layer of “social” that allows you to follow the events of your friends and contacts and then spread the voice on Twitter and Facebook too.

Plancast is a service for sharing your upcoming plans with friends. It’s a social calendar of sorts. Just submit the things you’re thinking about doing in the future, and your friends will be able to hear about them – and maybe join you, too!

The offering is still limited to the basics and an iPhone App is underway. I’ve been using it for some time now and found it particularly useful  during South by Southwest, where dozens of official and unofficial events take place simultaneously and are often difficult to find otherwise except from your peers.

If you’re a conference organizer, consider adding your event here too… you never know where the buzz is going to start from.

Subscribe to Conference Basics event calendar on Plancast here.

Subscribe to my personal event calendar on Plancast here.

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