Workshop on The Future of Conferences at LIFT10

May 5, 2010

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Next Thursday May 6th I’ll be holding a workshop on The Future of Conferences at the prestigious Lift Conference in Geneva. The idea is to develop, together with the attendees, strategies and actions to assess the dynamics that are affecting events and provoke changes that will create an amazing event experience.

From the description on the Lift website:

The Future of Conferences: moving from just (good) content to a remarkable experience

Until recently, organizing a good event consisted in getting a room, a bunch of speakers and an audience. The scarcity of access to quality or updated content was enough a motivator to make people meet. Now, thanks to the internet we are meeting (physically) more than ever, but our main drive has changed. Now the focus has moved to offering a remarkable experience. As Jess Greenwood (Contagious Magazine) says regarding advertising, you have to do an event that’s (at least) useful, relevant or entertaining.

Together we’ll explore some of the challenges and possible solutions to organizing this new breed of events.

Date and start time: Thursday, May 6, 2010 – 09:00

See you in Geneva, drop me a line if you’re around so that we can meet!

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