See you at TED Global 2010

July 10, 2010

in Conference

From July 12 to 16 I’ll be at Oxford attending TED Global 2010. I’m very excited because this will be my first “big” TED experience.

What finally convinced me to participate was the theme of this edition: “And now the good news”. (see program & speakers)

Reading the news, it seems that all that’s happening now is bad and the humankind is doomed. Don’t get me wrong, we are killing the planet, driving several animal and plant species into extinction, fighting stupid wars and condemning children all over the world to a miserable life. Our lifestyles are marked by meaningless consumption and millions of people die of (easily) curable diseases. But this is not the only story to be told, there is hope. Wonderful teams of people and gifted individuals are working to create an alternative. Through their ideas and their actions they are empowering us to create a positive alternative. To discover these people, share our thoughts and regain trust in the innate goodness of mankind is the main reason why I come to TED.

If you’ll be there too, drop me a line and we can meet at Oxford. If you’re a runner, why not jog together on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? (TED Run is scheduled on those days at 7.00am)

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