Bump Adds LinkedIn to Improve It’s Virtual Business Card

August 8, 2010

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Bump (web, twitter), the mobile app for Android and iOs mobile platforms, has recently upgraded its service by adding your LinkedIn profile to the information you can share (or “bump”) with other people.

As the official website describes, “Bump is a quick and easy way to connect two phones, simply bump them together. Share contacts info, pictures, calendar events, and even connect on social networks with just a bump”.

Until now you could share your contact info from your own agenda/contact manager plus your Twitter and Facebook profile, meaning that when you bumped with someone they were automatically added to your agenda, Twitter and Facebook contact lists. Through the LinkedIn integration they have added probably the best business networking tool out there, tapping on LinkedIn’s huge user database.

The new feature allows you both to send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn and find shared contacts on the LinkedIn network both from within Bump. For LinkedIn this is a good way to further sustain their leadership in the professional online networking arena.

This feels like a move in the right direction if -ever- a digital tool will replace a traditional paper business card. Though I love technology and digital interaction, I don’t see it replacing paper cards anytime soon. The experience is still full of bumps -no pun intended 😉 – and not immediate. It also requires that both parts involved have a compatible platform (while iPhones and Android phones are quickly becoming the standard in a certain business environment, Blackberries still have a strong presence in the corporate world and Nokia also has a broad userbase… yet) and a rather geeky spirit. I’ve been carrying Bump (and other contact networking tools) in my phone for what feels like ages and I hardly ever used it [successfully]. Only at SXSW, which had a high density of the geeky kind did I see some people use it rather frequently (not me though).

[Via the LinkedIn Blog]

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