Conference Photography Tips by Duncan Davidson (TED)

August 16, 2010

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Duncan Davidson in action at TED Global 2010

Conferences are a totally different beast when it comes to photography. Duncan Davidson (LinkedIn, journal, twitter), the photographer that -amongst other things- has covered the last six major TED events, shares some practical tips that matter when reporting what happens at conference. From equipment that can handle high ISO or high shutter speeds to setting correctly your white balance right from the start, these tricks will help you improve the photos of your next event.

Duncan’s goal as a photographer is to “catch the speakers on the stage and try to communicate a little bit of the emotion in place at the event to those who may not seen it and even for those that have seen it to try to communicate a different viewpoint than they might have had”.

At TED Global 2010 he also used a special camera case to reduce the shutter sound (see photo). This is particularly relevant in events where the sound of the camera’s shutter might become really disturbing, especially during moments of silence.

Duncan Davidson showing his Nikon Ds with a special case to reduce the noise of the shutter

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