How to Use Mechanical Turk to Rock Conference Blogging

August 18, 2010

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A "Turk" chess machine that inspired the name Mechanical Turk

Compiling, completing and sharing all the relevant links (like twitter and linkedin profiles, personal & company websites, etc) of the speakers and attendees, or performing other long & mechanical tasks for your conference might seem as a particulary time-consuming burden of your event management activities… but not anymore thanks to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk!

Marshall Kirkpatrick (Linkedin, twitter, web), Co-Editor and Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, shares how he recently did just that and much more for the Techonomy Conference while spending just one night and 50 usd. His tips are especially useful for conference organizers and event bloggers alike.

Let’s say you are going to, or hosting, a conference and you want to make a good impression with the attendees and organizers. One way to do that is to create useful and thoughtful original content and resources regarding the event.

Thanks to tools like Mechanical Turk, Google Custom Search and of course Twitter, you can now do incredible things around conferences that would have been very inefficient to do before.

With the aid of Mechanical Turk Marshall did the following:

  • A Twitter list of all the conference attendees who use Twitter –  for keeping track of what people were saying during the event and stay in touch in the future
  • A Twitter list of women and a list of people from outside the United States participating in the event – to create a special view into the conversations of some groups of people who can get lost in the noise of the [sometimes homogeneous] audience
  • A Google Custom Search Engine that searches the archives of all the websites of the organizations the conference attendees work for – as reference for the blogging during the conference

Read the original article, including detailed how-to instructions, here.

  • Acoach2

    Can Mechanical Turk be used for link building purposes?

    • Gianfranco Chicco

      What do you intend by “link building purposes”? Think of mechanical Turk as a horde of humans performing really basic activities that shouldn’t be very time consuming

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