Don’t Wish Good Luck to an Organizer the Morning of the Event

September 21, 2010

in Tips

You shouldn’t call or text an event organizer during the few hours before his conference starts, or either a few hours after it has started… not even the evening before! Why? Well, because she’ll be terribly busy and probably stressed, already answering to tons of phone calls and emails. Most probably the first thing that she’ll think is “And now what?”.

At least that’s true for me. Fortunately my closest friends and relatives know this and usually send me their good wishes several days before my conferences take place (e.g. my mother wished me good luck already one week before PICNIC ’10).

If not before the event, I prefer to get a text message some hours after it has already started or during the evening, when it’s all over.

Am I the only one that feels like this?

  • Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali

    I agree. 😉

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