FailCon ’10 – A Conference Created from a Perceived Weakness

October 24, 2010

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The second edition of the  FailCon (web, twitter, facebook), a conference focusing on “start-up failures and how to prepare and recover from them”, will take place on October 25th 2010 in San Francisco. It goes by the tagline “Embrace Your Mistakes. Build Your Success” and is a good example of creativity applied to creating an original event that satisfies a specific need. I find particularly interesting how a new event was created from what is normally perceived as a weakness.

In an interview with Wired, FailCon founder Cassandra Phillips (twitter) said that “Failure is interesting. My goal with FailCon isn’t to make money, it’s to not lose money and change people’s opinions about failure.”

On how the conference was born, Phillips said “Essentially the idea for Failcon came from sitting in my own show and thinking ‘I’ve heard these ideas a lot — These are the same speakers telling the same stories’, and as a joke, I started telling attendees, ‘I wish they would tell us more about failure and what went wrong with Facebook, with your app, with scaling — I don’t know if I can be the next Zynga, but I can at least not do that’”. The article explains that “FailCon originated, appropriately enough, from unhappiness with the final conference in an early series she worked on titled SNAP Summit, which was devoted to social networking applications and after a few years felt stale”.

“But outside the Valley, failure isn’t treated the same way. For instance, in France entrepreneurs who fail are unlikely to get funding again, so people hide failures and don’t talk about them. In fact, that’s the reason Phillipps wants to take failure on the road next year, with Failcons in Paris, Buenos Aires, New York and San Francisco.

Read the full article on Wired

The event lasts one day, costs USD 280 (discounts available) and targets startups. Speakers of the 2010 edition include: David Pogue, Steve Blank, Heather Champ, Jay Adelson, Paul Buchheit and Esthe Dyson, amongst others.

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