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October 13, 2010

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It seems that Twitter will be soon giving event organizers and attendees an improved tool to follow and share in real time what’s happening at a conference in a much less invasive than live-streaming or proper live-blogging.

“Twitter will get to a billion members,” Twitter co-founder and recently displaced CEO Evan Williams told the crowd at a San FranciscoINFORUM event yesterday. […] To get there – or at least to aid in getting there – Twitter is planning a new feature called “Events.” Unlike Trends – which track currently popular words, phrases or hashtags (a keyword preceded by the pound sign) – events would track a number of keywords that auto-associate themselves with the event.

“Twitter electrifies events,” Stone explained, describing the need for the feature. “You’re connected to it, in this matrix. You want to be connected to it, if you’re there.”

He also talked about the flip side of events on Twitter – the negatives of people tweeting from an event and how that impacts other users of the service. “If you’re not there, you don’t want to hear about it,” he said.

If your Twitter stream has all of a sudden been bombarded with tweets from an event, then you know the frustration of dealing with live tweeting. If the event doesn’t interest you, the tweets are just noise. The ability to quickly filter out those tweets from your stream would be a feature many Twitter users would rejoice over.

With these ideas in mind – that events are both incredibly popular for those attending and annoyance for those who aren’t there (or aren’t interested) – Twitter is beginning work on the new Events feature.

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