How to Get Great Photos of Your TEDx Event

October 13, 2010

in Tips

From the TEDx Posterous page, a series of practical tips for TEDx organizers which are actually valid for any other conference.

Images are powerful, and they tell a powerful story about your event.

Taking high-quality photographs at your event is as important as filming great quality video — invest some time and effort into finding really good photographers with professional cameras.

Photo by Bruno Fernandes at TEDxUSP (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

The article gives details on three tips:

  • Reach out to professional, amateur and student photographers in your community.
  • Have more than one photographer at your event
  • Photo diversity

Let your photographs carry on the inspiration and energy that you experience during the event.  Because once your event is over, it is the images that will speak for it.

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