SittingO – A Sort of IMDb for the Conference Circuit

October 4, 2010

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I just discovered SittingO (web, twitter, facebook), which defines itself as a container of “speaker lists and conference videos from great events – showing who spoke where, about what. Like an IMDb for the conference circuit”.

Created by Mark Hurst (web, twitter), entrepreneur, writer and founder of the Gel Conference, the site could prove a useful tool for event organizers and conference goers alike by providing lists of events, speakers and topics from worldwide conferences. One of the biggest advantages of SittingO so far is that in many cases it features videos of the speakers at those conferences.

For example, earlier today I was looking for videos of Clay Shirky and SittingO collects five of the latest ones (TED@Cannes 2010, TED@State 2009, PICNIC 2008, Gel 2008, TED Global 2005). It also showed me where he spoke recently, which gives me an idea on how much exposure he currently has on the conference market.

The directory, founded in 2010, is still in it’s infancy but already provides lots of useful information. I’m not sure if there are any existing competitors though the recently launched Lanyrd also allows you to filter through those three categories (for now only for events that have taken place recently, while SittinO has listings that go way back, like to the first TED conference in 1984).

Homepage of SittingO

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