TEDxLakeComo, Take 2 [6 November 2010]

October 22, 2010

in Conference

On November 6 2010 the second edition of TEDxLakeComo (web, twitter, facebook) will take place in the city of Como, Northern Italy. The event has been sold out for several weeks now and it promises to be much better than the previous edition.

Last year TEDxLakeComo was the first ever TEDx in Italy and I had mixed feelings about it (my review). At TED Global 2010 in Oxford I had the chance to talk with Gerolamo Saibene, CEO of Between SpA and one of the organizers of TEDxLakeComo. [It was a windy evening and that is evident in the video. I apologize for that].

Gerolamo attended TED Global to experience firsthand how the “big” TED is organized and apply that knowledge directly to the conference he’s organizing (a special workshop dedicated to TEDx organizers took place during the morning before the official TED started).

He organizes TEDxLakeComo because he finds the format very interesting and unconventional to unite curious people with new ideas and experiences, with the common goal of improving the world. The event comes together thanks to the effort of a group of friends and Gerolamo aims it to be an interesting meeting opportunity  for the community he belongs to.

Apart from the experience gathered during the 2009, the 2010 edition will:

  • last a whole day (November 6, 2010), instead of just an evening
  • feature some intervals dedicated to entertainment so as to allow people to relax between intense moments of attention

I’ll be there, looking forward to a great conference! If you’re attending TEDxLakeComo too, drop me a line!

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