3D Projection on Buildings

November 27, 2010

in Ideas

I‘ve been seeing lots of amusing 3D projections in 2010, meaning that the technology has reached the point in which it’s both mature and affordable. In short, the process consists in digitally mapping a structure (building’s façade or other physical object) and then creating 3D effects that are then projected on top of it using a powerful projector. The effects have the particularity that they look as if the structure was being altered.

Test of 3D projections on the Stadsschouwburg for TEDxAmsterdam

Until now they have been used mostly for advertising purposes by big brands and while it most probably will go through a fad phase, it’s a feature that can be used for entertainment purposes during an event: Yes,  [physical] conferences have to be entertaining too!

The first conference that I’m aware of that will be using it is TEDxAmsterdam. They’ve been testing 3D Projection Mapping to display the a 4-minute light show on “ideas worth spreading” on the façade of the venue, the Stadsschouwburg, which is located in front of the touristic Leidsplein Square. The projection will take place at 7:30pm on November 30th, 2010.

In the video below Arnout Hulskamp, the video-designer responsible of making the 3D mapping projection, gives a brief description of the project (more info here).

Follows a selection of the most interesting 3D projections from 2010 by Samsung, Ralph Lauren and Sony.

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