A Great Conference Should Move Your Audience To Action

November 17, 2010

in Miscellaneous

A great conference is one that not only INSPIRES you but also moves you to DO something. What would you like that your conference stimulated in the attendees? How can you improve the event experience that you’re planning in order for this to happen?

While following the live-streaming and tweets of the Web 2.0 Summit taking place in San Francisco, I came across the following tweet by Tony Stubblebine (via Brady Forrest) and was moved to wright this article.

I wish my next tech-related conference will generate something similar :-)

  • http://crowdvine.com Tony Stubblebine

    Hi Gianfranco, thanks! A good tweet moves you to write a blog!

    I get asked all the time about extending the life of a conference. Obviously, that’s the wrong goal. You want attendees fleeing your conference in a frenzy.

    • http://www.gchicco.com Gianfranco Chicco

      Thanks to you Tony! “extending” is the right word, it’s the means that are usually wrong. We, event organizers, should make whatever possible so that the attendees become the stars and ther businesses grow :-)

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