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November 9, 2010

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Most conferences use centralized services like YouTube or Vimeo to share their content. It has the benefit of being a low cost solution easy to implement but two major drawbacks are the lack of customization to match the videos seamlessly to the branding of your website and that you really don’t have full control of content: Vimeo might shut down your website if you upload “commercial content”, whatever that means and YouTube imposes limitations on the duration of the content, apart from also adding their own logo to your content.

Enter 23Video to change this situation. The company aims to enable you to create your own “videosite” as opposed to embedding videos hosted by a centralized service like Vimeo or YouTube.

With a monthly flat rate of 675 USD, it’s not for everyone but if you consider that you can aim towards a like experience, it does not seem expensive at all. Barcamps and other small events will probably skip this solution (unless they make some kind of partnership with 23Video), while bigger for-profit conferences might find it an viable solution to have their own fully customized videosite.

Last week I met Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (Twitter, Linkedin), co-founder of 23, during the launch of 23Video in London. Thomas is also the co-founder of the cult-conference/festival Reboot, that takes place almost every year in Copenhagen. In the following video he describes the main features of 23Video plus it’s benefits for conferences.

In a nutshell, the main features for conference organizers are:

  • Create your own videosite and video player, fully customizable so that they blend naturally with your brand identity
  • Use your own domain, so that all traffic is concentrated in one place
  • Analytics, so that you know what’s happening with your videos (like how many people are watching, how much is actually being watched, where are they being embedded, etc)
  • Integration with services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes (e.g. for creating a podcast)
  • Unlimited number of videos and duration
  • Discover more features of 23Video here

23Video offers a free trial so that you can evaluate if it’s suitable for your event. I’ll be testing it with ConferenceBasics to see if it’s as good as it seems.

  • Tony D.

    What is special about this 23Video system – absolutly nothing? As I see it, it just another new online video platform! Stop telling these borring news marketed by these venture money wanting people like never ending storyteller Madsen-Mygdal – please!

    • Gianfranco Chicco

      As I see it (I’m currently testing the service), they give me 1) the possibility to own my videos (as opposed to services like Vimeo or YouTube that could bring them down whenever they want) and 2) having a sort of videosite. It’s similar in a way to having your own WordPress(.org) blog as opposed to a centralized WordPress(.com), Blogger, Live Journal, etc….

      And hey, there are other services out there to choose from :-)

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