Don’t Use Plasma Screens on Stage [by Duncan Davidson]

November 19, 2010

in photography, Tips

Famous conference photographer Duncan Davidson (TED, Web 2.0 Summit, etc) shared the following tip for conference organizers: Don’t use plasma screens on stage because they will come awful on photo.

Big screens are really great for use on stage. You can display big graphics, change them at a whim, and reuse them for the next show. There’s just one thing you have to be careful of when putting a big screen on stage. Never, ever, evar put a plasma screen on stage if you want to make a photograph with it in the background.

Why? Because when you take a sequence of photos at a reasonable shutter speed (1/250th in this case), you’ll end up with a series of photos that look like this:

Photo from Duncan Davidson's blog (click on image for link to original article)

Go on reading the original article to find out Duncan’s recommendations to avoid this problem. To find out more photo-tips from Duncan Davidson, watch this video-interview I made during TED Global 2010.

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