Livestreaming Your Conference Directly to Your Facebook Page

November 14, 2010

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Too often the Facebook pages of conferences don’t offer much value apart from being a repeater of the news being published somewhere else. At the same time, Facebook holds a big potential as a place where followers can gather and extend (think viral) what your conference is doing by easily sharing with their friends.

Now Livestream offers you the possibility of doing the live streaming of your event directly inside your conference’s Facebook page. The service is free and it allows you to customize the page.

The good thing: you can add more value to your Facebook page and probably increase the number of followers.

The bad thing: one more reason NOT to visit your conference’s website (and go to the Facebook page instead).

I think it’s a very useful feature for those brands with a well populated Facebook page or those events that don’t have a website of their own (or lack social media functions in it). If instead you have a strong community visiting your website or want your followers to visit your website in order to expose them to collateral items (show your sponsors, invite them to signup to a newsletter, complete their user profile in your network, etc), then you should probably think twice before embedding the live stream on Facebook.

For more details visit Livestream’s page.

From Mashable:

The Livestream for Facebook application works in conjunction with the Livestream Podcaster software for PC and Mac and gives Page owners the ability to stream live to their Facebook Page with a single click. The application is also fully customizable, supports Facebook chat and has features baked in that encourage Page visitors to share activity on their walls.

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