Summit Series – A Fun & Altruistic Business Un-Conference

December 26, 2010

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I love to see all these cool events reinventing the conference format to create new business and connections with a touch of fun and altruism Summit Series organizes  invitation-only events “that connects top young minds and inspires a new generation of leaders to succeed in business and in life”. The next edition will take place in April 2011 in the middle of the ocean.

In 2008 Elliot Bisnow, an entrepreneur with several companies to his name, started Summit Series, an “un-conference conference” that would serve as a mutual aid society for young entrepreneurs. It started with 19 people on a ski trip, and has grown to the more than 750 people who attended their latest event in May. Part networking, part TED, part extreme sports, these invitation-only events have become the epicenter of social entrepreneurship.

And along the way, Summit Series had raised over $1.5 million for not-for-profits. Participants include Bill Clinton, Russell Simmons, Sean Parker, Mark Cuban, Ted Turner, and John Legend.

Via Fast Company

An interesting passage from the article

What problem or issue did you first try to answer?

Justin Cohen: How do you create an atmosphere that fosters friendships? Instead of a spectator conference format, we chose a format based on positive shared experiences. Activities like skydiving or paintball fast track friendships–especially when you have a shared experience like a keynote address by Ted Turner to discuss.

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