Linchpin Meetup in Paris: We Shipped Something

December 8, 2010

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On Tuesday December 7th 2010 a glocal “Linchpin Gathering” took place in several spots around the world. I had arrived to Paris that same morning on my way to Le Web and I needed a plan for the night.

The event was inspired by Seth Godin’s book Linchpin and the goal was to meet other fellow linchpins (or linchpins-to-be) to discuss about lizard brains, the resistance and shipping, metaphors that Godin uses in his book to describe the daily struggle of being an artist, doing the work (and not the job) and making things happen. Every event was independently organized using as a platform and in the case of the Parisian gathering, Libby Robinson (web, twitter) took the lead as the organizer de facto (and made an amazing job in setting up things, creating connections and moderating the activitiy).

Libby’s personal effort made this meeting happen: she coordinated all the interested people, chose a location, defined the general dynamics for the evening (following the “World CafĂ©” format, brought the necessary stationary and even recruited a professional graphic designer to make visualizations of the discussions that took place during the evening.

The outcome was a very interesting gathering of people that I would have never met otherwise. We discussed ways to encourage an empower our linchpin instincts and shared how to make things happen. We even made a linchpin-christmas song (which I hope is never published!!! O_o)

Note: more links coming soon, the wordpress ipad app is not ideal for writing rich articles.

  • Didier Daglinckx

    Seems that you had a nice linchpins meetup, isn’t it ?

    Any possibilities to hear the song ?

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