Four Presentation Predictions for 2011 by @NancyDuarte

January 7, 2011

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Nancy Duarte (twitter, profile), founder of Duarte Design and author of the excellent books Slide:ology and Resonate has made her “Presentation Predictions” for the new year, which will probably (hopefully!) have an effect on the presentations of the speakers in your conferences. Follows a short extract, for the full article click here.

1. Tablet war will shape future of presentations

Tablets are hot and are creating new ways to engage customers with rich content and immersive experiences […] But delivering a presentation on these devices requires different design considerations and a more immersive experience. […] You want the folks at the table to hold the tablet and “see” what you’re saying quickly.

2. Authenticity trumps “spin”

The instability in our world continues to make people skittish about the future and skeptical about the “truth” they’re being told by government and business. That leads to an even greater hunger for authenticity and transparency in communication — “spin” is out, “sincerity” is in.

3. Hand made by [insert name here]

One way to come across as sincere and authentic is to present slides or sketches made by you.

4. Increase in NO SLIDE ZONES

Speakers will stand up and talk […] without slides. We’ll see this more at the executive level and it will filter down through all layers of the business as well. People will get over the urge to sit behind the security blanket of a badly-designed […] PowerPoint slide.

Full article on the Duarte Blog.

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