iPad Cases for Conference Organizers and [on Stage] Moderators

January 28, 2011

in Gadgets / SWAG

The iPad has become ubiquitous at conferences, especially tech ones. Not only has it eliminated the battery problems of laptops (the iPad’s battery lasts somewhere around 10 hs if you don’t do much video and games vs. 2-4hs of the average laptop) but also it offers great portability and a good weight-features ratio as a traveling device.

Now, it has also replaced the paper notepad (or similar) as the preferred support for panel moderators, who use the iPad to carry their notes/questions and eventually check on twitter what the room is asking or what the general comments are about the session.

A typical issue is hold-ability of the device. If you’re standing up or walking on stage you and you’re not holding it tight enough, if you’re gesticulating while talking or if you have sweaty hands (not strange amongst people on stage), it might slip and crash. The following  iPad cases offer a practical solution for this:

Handstand (web)

Handstand for iPad (via macitynet.it)

Had-e-holder (web)

Griffin Airstrap (web)

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