Online ticketing, minus the booking fees [via @Springwise]

January 13, 2011

in Software, Tools

A new model for online ticketing.

The standard booking fee for most events is 10 percent of the ticket’s face value, and often there’s a transaction charge on top of that. London-based Ticket Tailor, on the other hand, abolishes mandatory booking fees altogether. Instead, event organizers users pay a monthly fee ranging from GBP 6 for one event per month and unlimited tickets to GBP 75 for unlimited event listings and tickets. A free version even lets users sell up to 10 tickets for a single monthly event. Either way, those monthly fees earn users the ability to keep all the proceeds from their ticket sales, paid via PayPal. Ticket Tailor lets users set and keep their own booking fees, if they want; it also offers graphs and tables summarizing sales data.

[via Springwise]

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