#FridaySpeaker: David Heinemeier Hansson on Doing Less

February 11, 2011

in Friday Speaker

I have such a backlog of content and interviews so I decided to increase my to-do list by curating a new weekly section: Friday Speaker – AKA interesting presentations from events around the world.

The first presentation is by  David Heinemeier Hansson (webtwitter), co-founder of the innovative cloud-based software company 37 Signals and co-author of the highly recommended book Rework.

Follows a short extract of a talk he gave as part of the Standford Technology Ventures Program in which he deals with the benefits of having clear constraints in your projects and embracing them to under-do your competition and come out with innovative solutions. In his own words, “we love all the things that come from doing less”.

If you liked this video, I suggest you also what this one in which David argues that “planning is guessing” and why companies should do less planning and start doing the things that matter.

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