Geeks + Buddhists? There’s a Conference for That!

March 30, 2011

in Conference, Events

I‘m always [positively] surprised by the variety of interesting conferences taking all over the place, reinforcing my thesis that even though we’re hyper-connected digitally, there are more physical events taking place than ever (and we need them more than ever too).

My latest find through a tweet in my stream is the Buddhist Geeks Conference (web, twitter, facebook) that will take place next July 29-31 in Los Angeles, USA (not a very zen-ish city IMHO… but it might be just a foolish stereotype of mine).

The Conference brings together some of the most exciting teachers, leaders and thinkers from the US and beyond as Buddhist Geeks continues its ongoing mission to discover the emerging face of Buddhism. With a vibrant program of presentations, workshops, performance and participant-led elements and its inclusive non-denominational attitude, #bgeeks11 will be the most innovative, energetic and relevant event in the Buddhist world.

I wish I could attend, maybe next year.

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