June Cohen (TED) Announces the Open TED API Initiative at SXSWi

March 13, 2011

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The next step in the Radical Openness approach of TED was announced today at SXSW Interactive by June Cohen (profile, twitter), Executive Producer of TED Media.

The initiative consistis in “open sourcing TED’s CODE” through an API that will give developers around the world access to all the talks (currently about 900) and the associated meta-data in TED’s database so that they can make their own apps.

June Cohen at SXSW 2011

The goal is still creating new ways to spread ideas, and as June Cohen explained during her presentation,  “We don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, there are so many platforms we cannot reach with our own resources”.

By reaching out to the developer community, TED expects that they will find new amazing ways to present information, find correlations between talks, make insightful data visualization tools and who know what else. “Every time we allow people to contribute to TED we’ve been awed and moved and delighted [by what came out and we hadn’t anticipated]”.

“We’re so intrigued to see what happens next, to be surprised by you”. June Cohen at SXSWi on the TED Open API project

Developers reach TED with ideas and proposals at contact@ted.com. The project will be launched towards mid-2011 and they are aslo hiring (jobs@ted.com) developers and engineers to enable related projects.

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