Portable Conference: TEDx in a Box [via @Kiruba]

March 1, 2011

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My friend, the power networker and tech entrepreneur, Kiruba Shankar (blog, twitter, linkedin) is currently attending TED Active in Palm Springs and posted a new interesting idea in action from the TED Team: TEDx in a Box.

In Kiruba’s own words:

TED has come up with a concept called ‘TEDx in a Box’. It’s a box that contains Nokia N8 phone, a pico projector and a speaker to show TED talks. This is predominantly meant to be used by folks in rural areas where access to PC, Projector and sound system is difficult.

The Nokia N8 phone comes pre-installed with all the TED Talks. The small projector is good enough to be viewed by 50 people. A great idea. About 100 such boxes are bein planned.

TEDx in a box. Photo by Kiruba Shankar

Original post on Kiruba's Facebook

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