#FridaySpeaker: Tara Hunt [@missrogue] and Entrepreneurs That Have to Be All In

April 1, 2011

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I met Tara Hunt (blog, twitter, wikipedia) a couple of years ago at a party or something like that in San Francisco. At the time she had just published The Whuffie Factor, an interesting, an interesting book on social networks and business. Now, in this talk from TEDxConcordia, she delivers a passionate… no, a PASSIONATE speech on being an entrepreneur… on giving your whole heart to that unclear path, selling all your stuff to make that dream in your mind possible (up to the point of not being able to pay the rent on time or more).

She identifies three main characteristics: being delusionalaudacious and dreamers.

I have added to my personal motivational kit (together with Baz Luhrman’s The Sunscreen, Steve Job’s speech at Stanford, GapingVoid’s cartoons, Seth Godin’s Linchpin et al and some other more personal things). Her presentation deeply resonates with me and gives me a kick in the butt to put the first two (delusion and audacity) to work in the third (my dream).

[Found via ReadWriteWeb]

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