Making Conference Badges With Postcards [Product Idea for @overheardatmoo]

April 20, 2011

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Follows a quite straightforward way to make conference badges out of postcards. This product could be also added to’s lineup to open a latent market. postcards are A6 in size and as you can see in the photo below, it matches the size of several standard conference badges. The idea is to skip the use of plastic holders to make your event a bit greener.


  • Size: A6 or 105 mm x 148 mm
  • Paper stock: 350gsm
  • Finishing: front glossy laminate finish, back just slightly coated
  • Perforations: here I have two alternatives – 2 holes for double hooked lanyards (so that the badge doesn’t flip over and the attendee’s name is always visible) or 1 central hole for regular lanyards
  • Label area: 51 mm x 89 mm (see below)

A6 sized badges that could be replaced using Moo postcards

Labels and Label Printing

It’s always easier to have pre-printed badges and then stick on each of them the label with the participant’s name. To do so, the conference organizers could use just any label printer but Moo could simplify the process by making a promo-deal with label-maker giant Dymo, who’s also present worldwide (so you can order badges plus printer in one go).

One product in particular is rather versatile for conferences: the LabelWriter 450 or the LabelWriter 450 turbo (portable, fast, well priced and compatible with both Mac and PC)

Labels: the Dymo LabelWriter 450 can handle several sizes but the most practical for name tags is the 51 mmm x 89 mm one, allowing the name to be printed in big typeface plus company name plus other info like twitter handle, etc. This label size is perfect for the A6 badge size.

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

Who could use the badges?

Small to medium events (100 to 400 attendees) including conferences, TEDx gatherings, barcamps, company gatherings, etc.

Cost-wise this would be a valid alternative to traditional printers (a pack of 480 postcards mailed to Spain -my current location- using DHL and including VAT is of 335.06 euro).


Conference organizers can upload their own designs, but it would be handy if -as with its other products- offered some ready made design and downloadable Photoshop templates to simplify the design process. Remember that you need to upload both sides of the postcard. The front side can have several variations (like different colors to identify Attendees, Press, Speakers, Staff, etc) and the back will be common to all of them.

Integration with other products

I used stickers to differentiate between several kinds of badges. In the photo below you can see how a yellow sticker (typewriter) was used to identify a member of the press.

A Press badge from Frontiers of Interaction 2010 personalized using Moo stickers

So what’s the difference with Postcards?

Not much… actually, you could already make badges out of postcards if you find a neat way to drill one or two holes in them. It would surely help if they could be ordered with one or two holes by default.

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