How Prezi Changed The Way Of Making Presentations [Interview with @somlaifischer]

June 28, 2011

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Prezi (web, twitter) has been out for a few years now and while it’s been constantly improving, it’s major challenge according to co-founder and head of design Adam Somlai-Fischer (profile, twitter), is to keep on making the interface more and more intuitive, especially for newcomers.

The real innovation that Prezi introduced to the digital presentation software scenario, dominated by the PowerPoint/Keynote paradigm, is that of providing a broad canvas where you can arrange your ideas as if they were on paper. The hierarchy of these ideas can be managed by zoom-ins and zoom-outs, giving your presentation a multi-level dimension over a virtual 3rd axis (it’s all easier than it sounds). The content can be easily moved around and grouped without the constraint of having to stay inside a “slide”, a concept alien to Prezi. Once all your content is in, you can create a “path” to guide your storytelling.

In the following video, Adam describes how Prezi has changed the way of making presentations and the biggest challenge that lays ahead of them.

I’ve been using Prezi for a couple of years now and it’s just that elimination of the single slide container what makes me come back to it for most of my presentations. I’m no longer troubled by formatting, aligning or distributing content within each slide, a process that usually takes forever in PowerPoint. The auto-center and frame features of Prezi allow me to concentrate on the content and the flow I want it to have during the presentation.

Below is the Prezi that Adam Somlai-Fischer used for his talk at Frontiers of Interaction 2011, where we met for this interview.

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