Paying for Conference Buzz (or Ice-Cream) with a Tweet

July 23, 2011

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Now positive tweets about your conference (or product, service, etc) are a good thing to create buzz, but how do you “stimulate” those tweets in an original, fun and non too pushy way?

Spanish online bank Uno-e found an original way to do it during the internet conference Internet es tuyo (translate: “internet is yours”), that took place last May in Madrid. Uno-e decided to offer free Ice-Cream with the formula “one tweet, one scoop” to those who tweeted the following (see photo and below for translation):

Attendees paying for their scoops of ice-cream with tweets (one tweet, one scoop)


@unoe_dice #porfa1heladode [name of the Icre-Cream taste] en #internetestuyo

it translates as

@unoe_says #please1icecreamof [name of the Ice-Cream taste] at #nameoftheconference


As a result, people gave visibility to Uno-e’s twitter account (@unoe_dice) and to the event’s hashtag (#internetestuyo). In fact, I discovered about this initiative way before I reached the conference, as I was tracking the conference hashtag and saw all these funny ice-cream requests.

Pay with a Tweet is an online service that allows you to just do that: Your users can decide if they want to pay with a tweet on Twitter or with a post on their Facebook wall to tell all their friends about you, your product and your brand.



A few ideas you could use it to promote your conference:


  • Offer a promocode that can obtained by paying for it with a tweet, something like “I just got a promocode for the such-and-such conference [url]” or “A great in-depth analysis of top digital trends by @name-of-speaker speaking at the upcoming #name-of-conference. Download it for free: [url]”


  • You could give out physical or digital goodies as rewards to attendees present at the event (or followers that fulfill a certain criteria) by asking them to pay with a tweet or a post on Facebook.


  • You could use it to give access to the video footage of the event, a special report or other goodies.

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