F8 Gathers 100,000 Viewers Through Live-Streaming (And Zuck Borrows a Few Tricks From Steve Jobs)

September 23, 2011

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F8 (web), Facebook’s developer conference, took place today in San Francisco but also all over the world through live streaming… which accounted for 100,000+ simultaneous viewers. Now if you compare that with TV, it does not seem that much but for a tech conference (or any kind of conference for that matter)… that’s huge!

I’m not sure how many people followed Steve Job’s Apple keynotes and in any case, Apple does not do live streaming but distribute the video hours later it has actually happend.

More than 100,000 following Facebook's live streaming

On a side note, and talking about Apple, Mark Zuckerberg borrowed several pages from Steve Job’s presentation skill. Though Zuckerberg’s delivery as a speaker was very good, at points it felt a bit embarrassing to hear the same expressions and see the same modisms as Apple’s ex CEO. On Twitter there was a recurring joke saying something like “and now Zuck is going to announce… one more thing.”

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