#FridaySpeaker: Ben Hammersley on Why Innovation is Bad and People Don’t Like It [via @PICNICfestival]

September 23, 2011

in Friday Speaker

Ben Hammersley (web, twitter) is quite an erudite technologist and wears many hats, like being Editor at Large at Wired UK but also a messenger from the past. Last week at PICNIC ’11 in Amsterdam, he brought a message from Lord Kelvin: “Radio has no future. Heavier than air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will soon be found to be a hoax”. That was his opener for a talk on why innovation is bad… isn’t it?

Apart from the content and the final message of his presentation, which I found both very good, I chose Ben as today’s #FridaySpeaker because he demonstrates that a talk doesn’t need slideware to be good (in fact he lives in the future where “[…] PowerPoint has been made illegal”) but great storytelling abilities, appropriate vocal modulation, the use of reinforcing gestures and active interaction with the audience, all of which he does masterfully.

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