Get More Online Viewers: Make Your Conference’s Videos Discoverable With dotSUB

October 10, 2011

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You think that your conference’s videos are not being watched by enough people or even worse by the right people? Maybe the problem is that they don’t know that those wonderful videos exist and you are doing nothing to help them discover them!

One of the biggest challenges created by the amount of information available online is “discoverability”, the chance of finding the right information through any means (search, recommendation, etc). dotSUB comes in to the rescue, at least for video content.

Solving Video Discovery

David Orban (linkedin, twitter) is the CEO of dotSUB, whose technology “powers captions and translations as subtitles in any online video in any language so more people can view and understand them across Internet and mobile screens around the world”.

In the interview posted above, which I made during Frontiers of Interaction ’11 (disclaimer: I was its conference director during 2010), David explains that “the solution for video discovery is to use the speaker’s message”, meaning that by making the text of the transcriptions and translations of videos available for search engines to index, you are creating a rich layer of metadata that goes well beyond the title, tags and name of the video’s author, which is usually the only information available while you’re searching.

Making Your Video Available To A Larger Audience

Apart from findability through search engines, the next most important barrier to tap into a larger audience is probably language. Say your content is available not in English (the esperanto of the web) but in French or Italian. The amount of people that will be able to understand that content is quite limited. By enabling translations (be it by crowd-sourcing it to amateur translators or professional ones), you increase the amount of people that can find value in watching your video. As an example, David mentions that TED’s Open Translation project (based on dotSUB technology) has made TED Talks available in 90 (!!) languages thanks to 6,000 volunteers spread all over the world. Another benefit is that written text makes the content of the video available to people with hearing impairments.

dotSUB’s next generation platform will soon extend their services to offer new solutions for DISCOVERY, DISTRIBUTION and MONETIZATION, the three key challenges for online content.

You can find more details about dotSUB’s services here.

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