Meet The Organizer: Laurent Haug – Lift Conference

October 7, 2011

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With every issue of The Conference Basics Tribune, or just plainly the Newsletter (check it out or subscribe to it), I’ll be introducing an event organizer worth knowing and some tidbits of their background, ideas and challenges he/she faces for an upcoming conference.

The first edition of the newsletter came out last month and my first guest was Laurent Haug, co-founder and curator of the Lift Conference, which takes place in Geneva (Switzerland), Marseille (France) and Jeju (Korea). [I’ve previously interviewed Laurent on the future of conferences and connected people]

  • Name: Laurent Haug
  • Role: Founder and curator, Lift
  • Upcoming event: Lift12, Geneva (CH), 22-24 february 2012
  • For how long have you been in the event business: Since 2005, by total accident 😉
  • Something new you’ll be doing at your next event: Putting people that never gave a talk on stage.
  • Your biggest upcoming challenge: capturing part of the value we create for people.
  • The accomplishment you’re most proud of: changing lives: Lift helped create several businesses, put a lot of amazing people on the media map, increased the impact of constructive ideas, and a few people even met their partners 😉
  • An event you admire: Mastermundo, because it is completely free of the usual constraints of location, recurrence, etc.
  • The best networking tool: wine
  • A personal hobby: american football, the indiana jones pinball machine, and attending slow food events.
  • Contact info: 

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