Meet Belinda Galiano. She’s Bringing Campus Party To Silicon Valley

November 15, 2011

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Campus Party (web) is a sort of “Las Vegas for Geeks”. A huge festival (often larger that 8,000 attendees, or “campuseros”) attracting developers, hackers, gamers and geeks that live together 24hs a day for one full week. Belinda Galiano (twitter) co-founded Campus Party nearly 15 years ago and now is working to bring it to Silicon Valley in mid 2012.

The co-chairs of such a unique event are no other than the web’s fathers, Al Gore, Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf. Located in NASA, Campus Party Silicon Valley (#CPSiliconValley) aims to engage more than 10,000 campuseros in lectures, workshops and interactive experiences in the realms of innovation, creativity science and digital entertainment.

Already present in Europe (Spain) and most of Latin America, Campus Party will revitalize the Valley’s event scene by offering a new kind of experience both in kind and in size.

Note: to see the English subtitles, press “CC” on the YouTube player.

Profile of Belinda

  • Name: Belinda Galiano
  • Role: co-Founder and Marketing Director, Campus Party
  • Upcoming event: Campus Party Brasil, San Pablo (Br), 6-12 February 2012
  • For how long have you been in the event business: 15 years
  • Something new you’ll be doing at your next event: One of the things I’m working on is increasing the involvement of politicians interested in meeting and interaction with the campuseros, who in the end are also citizens.
  • Your biggest upcoming challenge: Entering the US market.
  • The accomplishment you’re most proud of: As an entrepreneur, that wherever I go I can meet a campusero or someone that knows what Campus Party is. From a personal point of view, that this company is still alive after 15 years and that we survived with our own financial means.
  • An event you admire: The big TEDs, even though it’s a very different philosophy from that of Campus Party, and how they achieved the spreading of TEDx around the world and that everyone wants to take part in one.
  • The best networking tool: Online, Twitter. In person, the nearness between people during Campus Party.
  • A personal hobby: Traveling.
  • Contact: @belindagaliano


Belinda Galiano & Mazinger Z

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