Tweets Worth Remembering: Spread Your Content To A Broader Audience

November 25, 2011

in Ideas

An event produces a lot of ephemeral tidbits of valuable content that resonates in real time but then fades (e.g.: tweeted quotes the speaker currently on stage). How can you highlight that content not only to the attendees but also to their connections on social media and a broader audience that might not be aware of your conference? Professional illustrator Chris Shipton (twitter, web, company: Livescribes) might have a solution for you.

Chris picked up a tweet from the event Silicon Valley Comes To The UK that had quite resonated with the audience and made a beautiful cartoon out of it: Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman  said on stage that “Entrepreneurship is throwing yourself off a cliff & assembling a plane on the way down.” The quote was tweeted by Tim Bradshaw and bounced around for a few hours.


Illustration by Chris Shipton

Making the action more valuable

  1. Have an illustrator working in real time
  2. She will appreciate if you point out the most relevant tweets to be illustrated (have someone track the conversation around your event by monitoring the hashtag)
  3. Include the event’s name and date/year in the illustration (for brand recognition)
  4. Offer good quality prints at the end of the event, so attendees can take them back home as a memento of the event. Postcard format would be perfect
  5. Offer high quality handmade copies for sale (to be mailed after the event) This becomes an income source for the illustrator (if she makes enough money from your event, it could justify the organizer not paying for the services… which helps to contain the costs of the event)
  6. Send a high quality print to the speaker being quoted. It would be a way to show your love for them speaking (the organizer should pay for it)
  7. Share the images on social media asap like twitter, facebook, google+, storify or whatever you use (including flickr too, so other people can download it in hi-res)
  8. Include the illustrations in the post-event email you send to the attendees with the event’s highlights
  9. Show off the illustrations in your website
  10. Consider including branded illustrations in your sponsor package as an extra item/benefit to sell
  11. Allow the illustrator to add his signature and an url


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