[App] Eventbrite’s New Apps Are An Event Organizer’s Best Friends

December 21, 2011

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This post is sponsored by Eventbrite. Nonetheless, I find the product updates mentioned below quite useful as a conference organizer :-)

There is a current trend in the events world –or at least in many of the events that I admire and are setting the baseline on how events should be– which is concerned with:

  1. Using [web] technology to make events more discoverable, sell better and help logistics run smoothly and painlessly both for the organizer and the attendees
  2. Making technology disappear (by making it invisible or eliminating it altogether) inside the conference room to create a more intimate atmosphere and allow face-to-face (F2F) interaction in it’s purest form

Today Eventbrite announced three products (one completely new, two improved) that further expand their services to help you with the first point mentioned above.

Entry Manager

Available for devices running iOS (iTunes) and Android (Android Market), the Entry Manager allows you to run the registration of your event like a charm. The app scans the QR Code on the tickets that the attendees [should] have pre-printed and also allows you to look up and check off attendees from a list if they didn’t bring a print copy. The app works in sync with your online ticket store so you can use several devices simultaneously. It’s so easy to use that it will simplify the training of your staff, an important issue when you hire temporary reinforcements just for the days of your conference.

At The Door

This iPad App (iTunes, so far it seems to be live only in the US store) becomes a real point of sale for your event. With it you can not only sell tickets at the door of the venue, but also other things like merchandise or food and beverage. Consider this practical use:  in times of crisis, when budget becomes an issue for both organizers and participants, you could decide to provide just basic beverage and food and offer to sell more of either on location. This way you –organizer– can reduce the base cost of your catering and can provide a ticket at a more affordable price to the participants (catering is one of the highest expenses for event organizers, and often much of it ends up in the garbage bin). As an attendee, you can decide to pay for an extra serving or a premium coffee if you feel like it.

Payments are made with credit cards and At The Door also allows you to produce instantaneous email receipts, collect attendee names and emails, and view real-time reporting of the sales for cash reconciliation.

Eventbrite Attendee App

While the previous two apps were for the organizer, this one is for the attendees (iTunes). It becomes your paperless ticket so you don’t need to print it anymore (it’s easier to forget a printed ticket than your mobile phone). It also gives you access to all your past and future events.

My paperless ticket for a recent event


These new apps are a perfect complement for the company’s online services which include easy ticketing (also for free events!), an event page (particularly useful for those events without a website that need to list the program/speakers, description, etc) and discoverability of events by area (for searching new things to do).


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