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December 23, 2011

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The upcoming issue of The Conference Basics Tribune newsletter (subscribe now!) will feature, among other things, this young (19 y.o.) and passionate conference organizer that’s already rocking it: Ricardo Sousa (web, twitter)

I met Ricardo back in April when he invited me to speak at his SWITCH Conference (web, twitter) in Oporto, Portugal. I was surprised by how him and his energetic team pulled off a world class event with top speakers, a very interesting audience and just few resources.

  • Name: Ricardo Sousa
  • Company/Role: Founder and Curator, SWITCH Conference
  • Upcoming Event: SWITCH Conference 2012 – 15th and 16th of June
  • For how long have you been in the event business: Since 2008 attending big conferences and since 2009 organizing my own
  • Something new you’ll be doing at your next event: We will be teaming up with a new portuguese startup to provide attendees with what we believe will be a truly effective match-making tool before the event. During the event we will have staff with the sole mission of connecting people we believe are a match. For SWITCH 2012 it is all about networking
  • Your biggest upcoming challenge: Grow the conference to a self-sustainable business while limiting it to 500 attendees
  • The accomplishment you’re most proud of: In the first year SWITCH was born out of a school project. But in that same year we were able to (with sponsors bailing out last minute) put up a decent event with international speakers and attendees without losing (much) money. Of course being one of WIRED Top 10 Tech Events in Europe this year was another reason to be proud
  • An event I admire: I’ll have to choose two. Lift in Geneva for the inspiration and organization details and LeWeb for the size and the number of influential people Loic & Geraldine are able to bring to Europe year after year
  • The Best Networking Tool: So far Twitter makes wonders for scheduling meetings and for seeing who’s at some event. I think it is hardly changing. So other tools will have to leverage twitter more, instead of creating totally independent silos
  • Personal Hobby: Traveling
  • Contact info: @ricardojrsousa,

Watch Ricardo in action at TEDxAthens

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