Welcome To The Post-Digital World (It’s About Live Experiences)

December 4, 2011

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Illustration by Otto (taken from the original article)

Simon Jenkins writes in this articlein the Guardian something I’ve been emphasizing in my event organizer activity, that is, even though we’re more connected than ever (or thanks to it) there are more physical/face-to-face events taking place that in any other time of the human existence. But beware! Those experiences cannot follow the ways (best practices) valid until just a few years ago. In fact, best practices are not enough for creating a compelling experience… one that is at least relevant, useful or entertaining for the participants, or in other words, worth dedicating your time, money and attention.

Extract from the article:

Post-digital is not anti-digital. It extends digital into the beyond. The web becomes not a destination in itself but a route map to somewhere real. In Marshall McLuhan’s terminology, it is cold where live is hot. This is why concerts did not die with the invention of records, but thrived on the difference. The screen relieves loneliness, as once did letters and phones, but it remains a window on the world, not a door. You cannot download the thunderous beat and sweaty presence of thousands at a Lady Gaga concert, any more than you can make love on Facebook, much as some try. You have to go somewhere for it to happen.

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Hat tip to Luca Conti

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