Friday Speaker: Charlie Todd and The Shared Experience of Absurdity

January 27, 2012

in Friday Speaker, Marketing

Charlie Todd created Improv Everywhere, which defines itself as “a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places”. At TEDxBloomington, Charlie presents some of the their most famous projects and the inspiration behind them.

Funny and intense, it shows how to create shared experiences, a necessary ingredient for any good conference.

As Charlie explains during the video, one of the points for doing this is to “cause a scene in a public place that is a positive experience for other people […] and gives somebody a great story to tell.”

Wouldn’t it be desirable for your event to achieve a similar result by providing its attendees a great story to share with others? (As an indirect result, it could also generate more ticket sales for the next edition).

Checkout this Improv example from the GEL Conference: Gotta Share: The Musical [A Surprise Musical Performance @ GEL 2011]

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